• Holidays... Are….Fun... Download

    May 2022

    Let's understand the tools of right undestanding & live life according to what Gnanis have said.

  • MAHAVIR - The Hero of Heroes Download

    April 2022

    Let's read the stories of Lord mahavir and find out what was it about him that made him become known as Mahavir and also got worshipped as God.

  • No need to get disturbed Download

    March 2022

    In this edition we will get the understanding from Gnanis on how we can easily solve the most difficult problems in our life without getting disturbed.

  • We are One ! Download

    February 2022

    What happens if there is no unity? Is it easy to stay united in times of crisis? Let's find out through this Akram Express!

  • I am strong because... Download

    January 2022

    We all have limitless energy! Do you want to know how? Then Let's know that through this Akram Express!

  • Make fear disappear…! Download

    December 2021

    Read this edition and make fear disappear and enjoy that state of freedom from fear.

  • Maa Lakshmi Download

    November 2021

    In this issue we will learn with whom Goddess Lakshmi is happy with and with whom she isn’t…

  • Maa Amba Download

    October 2021

    Why do we celebrate Navratri? To keep Goddess Amba happy, what rules shall we follow?

  • Sweet Loving Speech Download

    September 2021

    In this edition, let's find out about the rules of Saraswati Maa.

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