• In the Shelter of a Gnani Download

    July 2024

    Just as how one feels safe within the walls of a house during a storm, those who stay under the shelter of a Gnani will always be protected by the Gnani during sufferings.

  • Stubbornness Download

    June 2024

    In this edition, we will find out the easiest way to get what we desire. We will see how Krina mended her broken friendship, and how Nina skillfully handled stubbornness. So, let us learn how to solve a situation without being stubborn.

  • Holidays... Are... Fun… Download

    May 2024

    This summer vacation…let's try these healthy & tasty recipes shared by Theo & friends.

  • What do you support? Download

    April 2024

    Let us learn through this issue which matters are beneficial to support & which are not.

  • Choice Download

    March 2024

    Let's Learn how to make a right choice while facing problems in life.

  • Make Anger Disappear Download

    February 2024

    Let's read this issue & make our anger disappear!

  • Why Do We Get Angry? Download

    January 2024

    Let's understand the reasons as to why we get angry through Dadashri's knowledge, stories, and activities.

  • Store of Happiness Download

    December 2023

    Come, let's celebrate Christmas by opening store of happiness!

  • Seeing with your eyes closed Download

    November 2023

    Do you want to develop super powers like Dada Bhagwan? Then read this Akram Express.

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