• Do You Want to Hold on to Your Mistakes? Download

    September 2020

    Let's read this issue and wave ‘GOODBYE’ to our mistakes.

  • Trimantra Download

    August 2020

    Let's understand the importance of Trimantra through this issue…

  • Can you hear their cries? Download

    July 2020

    Non-vegetarian food? - Never Non-vegetarian food? - Not even in my thoughts… Non-vegetarian food? - Not even in my dreams…

  • The true address of happiness Download

    June 2020

    Where to find true happiness? To know its address, read this Akram Express

  • Holidays are Fun... Download

    May 2020

    Enjoy your favourite holiday special Akram Express!

  • Who runs the world? Download

    April 2020

    Who runs this world? Let's find out from this Akram Express...

  • Self Negativity Download

    March 2020

    Get rid of Self negativity after reading this issue..

  • Power of Positivity Download

    February 2020

    In this issue you will get a beautiful understanding of how to find positivity in any situation surrounding our lives and remain happy…

  • Jatra…a jackpot! Download

    January 2020

    Learn the importance of Jatra (pilgrimage) with the Gnani...

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