• What do you support? Download

    April 2024

    Let us learn through this issue which matters are beneficial to support & which are not.

  • Choice Download

    March 2024

    Let's Learn how to make a right choice while facing problems in life.

  • Make Anger Disappear Download

    February 2024

    Let's read this issue & make our anger disappear!

  • Why Do We Get Angry? Download

    January 2024

    Let's understand the reasons as to why we get angry through Dadashri's knowledge, stories, and activities.

  • Store of Happiness Download

    December 2023

    Come, let's celebrate Christmas by opening store of happiness!

  • Seeing with your eyes closed Download

    November 2023

    Do you want to develop super powers like Dada Bhagwan? Then read this Akram Express.

  • Why Can't I Always Get What I Want? Download

    October 2023

    Let's understand the science behind obstructions, by reading this Akram Express.

  • I shall not do this again Download

    September 2023

    Let's read this issue & resolve not to repeat our mistakes again.

  • Break Up & Make Up Download

    August 2023

    Should there be 'kitta-buccha' or 'break up & make up' in a friendship? What is a true friendship like? Let's find out from this issue.

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