• I am strong because... Download

    January 2022

    We all have limitless energy! Do you want to know how? Then Let's know that through this Akram Express!

  • Make fear disappear…! Download

    December 2021

    Read this edition and make fear disappear and enjoy that state of freedom from fear.

  • Maa Lakshmi Download

    November 2021

    In this issue we will learn with whom Goddess Lakshmi is happy with and with whom she isn’t…

  • Maa Amba Download

    October 2021

    Why do we celebrate Navratri? To keep Goddess Amba happy, what rules shall we follow?

  • Sweet Loving Speech Download

    September 2021

    In this edition, let's find out about the rules of Saraswati Maa.

  • Losing is necessary to win Download

    August 2021

    In this edition we will see why we need to lose in order to win...

  • Pocket Money Download

    July 2021

    Let's recognize the priceless things in life. Read the issue.

  • The importance of time Download

    June 2021

    In this edition let us understand the value of this treasure called TIME...

  • Holidays are fun! Download

    May 2021

    Enjoy your favourite holiday special Akram Express!

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