Effect of our words


Ever wondered, why are some people very popular in school while others are not? What attracts people towards us? Through this experiment, let us find out the effect of our words or behavior on people around us.


Materials Required

  • A large bowl filled with water upto ¾th it’s capacity
  • Ground black pepper
  • Sugar
  • Few drops of liquid soap
  • Spoon for stirring
  • Eye dropper



To begin our experiment, take a bowl filled with water and toss some ground pepper across the water's surface with a spoon.



Add a drop or two of dishwashing liquid using an eyedropper. Observe what happens.



Now add some sugar in the clear area within the bowl and stir it well.



Once again, observe what happens.

experiment result


What happened when we added the dish washing liquid?

The pepper immediately repelled away from it and moved to the edges of the bowl. Isn’t it? And, what happened when we added sugar to it? After stirring the water again, the mixture came back together.    

Akram Science says...

Suppose that the water represents your school.

       The pepper represents the people (classmates, teachers & friends).

       The dishwashing liquid represents rude & unkind words.

       The sugar represents kind and polite words.

When we use rude and unkind words, people move away from us (like the pepper particles when dishwashing liquid was added) but when we speak kind and polite words, they will automatically be attracted towards us (like the pepper particles when sugar was added to the mixture).

So now you know the reason, why are some people so popular in school while others aren’t? Whom would you like to become?

dada's science


1) Which of the following situations make you unhappy?
2) Which of the following actions reflect positivity in our attitude?
3) What happens when you behave rudely with others?
Bravo Akram Scientist! Your right understanding is highly appreciated!