Friends Are Like Colours!


'My friends aren't talking to me', 'I am all alone', 'He always does like that!' We often use such phrases in our daily lives for our friends, isn't it? This makes our 'friends' who are like 'colours' get away from us. Have you ever thought why? Let's find out!


Materials Required

  • Milk
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Food Colour
  • Cotton swabs
  • Shallow plate or a bowl
  • facebook
  • whatsapp
  • email



Carefully pour some milk in the dish or a bowl.

Seeing Faults = Loosing Friends-1.jpg


Add drops of the different food coloring on the same spot in the center of the milk.

Seeing Faults = Loosing Friends-2.jpg


Dip a cotton swab in the dishwashing liquid.

Seeing Faults = Loosing Friends-3.jpg


Gently touch the center of the food coloring. Push the cotton swab down in the same spot all the way to the bottom of the plate and hold it.

Seeing Faults = Loosing Friends-4.jpg
experiment result


Did you see the food coloring move away from the soap-covered cotton swab when you touched it to the milk. Dish washing Liquid soap acts as a "degreaser" so the molecules in it attack the fat in the milk, causing motion which moves the colours away.

Akram Science says...

Suppose that,

Milk = our surroundings (school or neighborhood)

Colours = Our friends

Cotton bud = You

Dish washing Liquid = Habit of seeing faults in others

We have friends at school & in our locality. By keeping opinions for them, we often see their faults. This makes our 'friends' who are like 'colours' get away from us. If we see their faults, point out mistakes, be rude or hurtful, then they will distance (bhed) themselves from us.  It is, therefore, important that we turn that around, see their positive qualities and bring oneness (abhed). We should do pratikraman from within if we hurt them. 

dada's science


1) Friendship begins to break when
2) If you see faults of others, then the solution is-
3) If someone is telling lies and you do not like it, then
Bravo Akram Scientist! Your right understanding is highly appreciated!