Opinions are Illusionary


Just think, can you maintain healthy relationship with all your friends, always? No! Because over a period of time, differences arise and hence, we cannot maintain a constant relation always. What causes these differences? If our friend repeatedly behaves in a certain manner, then we tend to form opinions against him/her that, ‘She always does like that’ or ‘See, I told you, this is how he’ll react to it.’ But, do you know that these opinions are like ‘colored glasses’ that do not allow us to see things as they are. Let’s find out how why are our opinions illusionary…


Materials Required

  • Glass
  • Water
  • Colored Pen
  • facebook
  • whatsapp
  • email



Hold the pen in your hand and thoroughly check for any kind of deformation in the pen.


Put the pen in an empty glass as shown. Observe the shape of the pen.



Now fill the glass with water until half it’s capacity and once again observe the shape of the pen. Does it look any different?

experiment result


Initially when the glass was empty, the pen looked normal. However, when immersed in a glass filled with water, it appeared bent at the point where it touched water. The reason for this is because of the change of medium in which we’re observing the pen. Initially, the air was the medium and in the second case, water was the medium. Hence, the pen appeared bent when immersed in water.

Akram Science says...

Suppose, the pen represents all people around us (example- our friends or teachers).

The water represents our opinions for them.

Initially, the pen looked perfect. However, as soon as it entered water, the shape of the pen changed. This is exactly what happens in our life too. Our opinions do not allow us to see things as they and present a distorted vision. Dadaji’s science says that, When our negative opinions about others break, we can talk to him happily, without any reservations. As a result, the other person will also be happy. Whereas if we form negative opinions against anyone and see him through those glasses/medium, then all we’ll see are his/her faults. Now, what should we do to change a negative opinion against anyone? We should say positive things about that person, for example, ‘He is very good’, ‘She is very helpful’ etc, only then our opinions against him will dissolve.

dada's science


1) What should we do if our friend doesn’t respond to our phone someday?
2) How can we dissolve our opinions about anyone?
3) How do we form an opinion for someone?
Bravo Akram Scientist! Your right understanding is highly appreciated!