Our opinions towards others


Each time we meet someone, we immediately form opinions about them. These opinions can be either good or bad. But, do you know, how do these opinions that we form for others affect us? Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Let’s find out…


Materials Required

  • Two trays filled with sand
  • A little oil in a bowl
  • facebook
  • whatsapp
  • email



Take a tray filled with sand and a bowl of oil



Apply 2 drops of oil on one palm and keep the other one dry.



Place your palms in two separate sand trays


Remove your hands and observe what happened

experiment result


When you placed your palms in the sand, the sand did not stick to the palm which was dry. However, the sand immediately stuck on the oily palm.

Akram Science says...

Suppose that the sand represents the opinions that we have for people/places/circumstances around us. The oil represents the stickiness of opinions.

What did you like more? The sticky hands with sand or dry hands? This is what happens when we form opinions about others. The stickiness of it remains with us, which in turn affects our behavior with that person/place/situation. The situation or person can change but our opinion might not. Hence, we should try not to form any negative opinion against anyone.

dada's science


1) ‘He is such a big miser’, ‘Beware! This person is a thief’, ‘This girl is always helpful to everyone’, ‘Listening to music while studying is fun’ etc. What do these statements represent?
2) How does forming opinions against someone affect us?
3) How can one break off the opinions held against others?
Bravo Akram Scientist! Your right understanding is highly appreciated!