Power of Pratikraman


Quite often we tend to hurt our friends, parents and teachers, knowingly and unknowingly…isn’t it? Let us learn how to apologise for our mistakes using the power of this magical soap called ‘Pratikraman’!


Materials Required

  • A Glass of water
  • Few drops of food coloring
  • Few drops of household liquid bleach
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Take a glass of water and add a few drops of food coloring. Stir it well.



Add drops of bleach until the color starts to disappear



Observe the color of the water now!

experiment result


Wow! The color of the water becomes clear! It is because bleach contains sodium hydrochlorite which immediately begins to pull the colour from the water and makes it clear again.  

Akram Science says...

Let’s say
1) Water = our normal interaction with others 
2) Food colour = our hurtful behaviour through mind, body or speech 
3) Bleach = repenting & asking for forgiveness (Pratikraman)

Our normal actions and interactions (e.g. eating, sleeping, talking, etc.) These are not hurtful to others. But if our behaviour starts to become hurtful to others (e.g. hitting our siblings, making fun of our friends, or speaking harshly to our parents, etc.).  So, to turn back from our mistakes, we need to do ‘Pratikraman’. This is done by addressing the God residing in the other person with saying, “Dear God! I have made this mistake. I repent for it. I am asking for forgiveness, and I shall not repeat such a mistake."

dada's science


1) Rohan’s dad got a new tablet. So Rohan and his younger brother Karan started playing online games together. They were enjoying. This is-
2) After a while, Rohan got angry on Karan as because of him, he lost scores. And so he shouted at Karan to stay away and let him play alone. This is-
3) After Karan left, Rohan started realizing his mistake that he had hurt Karan. So he should-
Bravo Akram Scientist! Your right understanding is highly appreciated!