To be happy, adjust everywhere


We all like to be comfortable and cozy in all situations and with all people. However, are things always so easy? Of course not! Then how can we deal with such unfavorable situations? By turning them into a favorable one. Simple! A simple sutra for this is, ‘Adjust Everywhere’. Let us find out what it means…


Materials Required

  • A glass jar
  • Big stones
  • Pebbles or small stones
  • Sand
  • Water



Take the jar and put the big stones inside it.



Next, put some pebbles or small stones inside it



After this, it’s time to pour in some sand inside the jar.



And lastly, keep pouring some water inside it.



Observe what happened.

experiment result


The big stones had almost filled the jar completely. However, the pebbles and small stones made room for themselves. In spite of this, the jar seemed to have ample room for the sand as well. And lastly, what about the water? The water traversed to all the empty spaces inside the jar and filled it completely.

Akram Science says...

Once we put the big stones inside the jar, we thought that the jar is full now and nothing else can go in. However, the small stones did make way to the empty spaces in between the big stones. And, so did sand and water. All these things could easily make their way and fit in with each other. Similarly, in our life too, we might meet people with different mindsets. It might get difficult to get along with them but instead of giving up or getting into any kind of negativity, we should think of ways to deal with the situation. It’ll be a WIN-WIN situation if we succeed at adapting ourselves according to the other person’s belief. Not only will the work get done but we’ll feel happy and satisfied with ourselves. Also, if we take adjustment in one situation, our strength to take more adjustments will increase. Along with this, our common sense or sujh (inner intuition) will also increase in the process as we’ll always be in lookout for ways to adapt to the situation. Isn’t it easy and interesting?

Are you ready to ‘Adjust Everywhere’?  

dada's science


1) Find the right statement from the following-
2) What is the meaning of ‘Adjust Everywhere’?
3) Our strength will increase if we learn to adjust with people who are ______. Fill in the blank.
Bravo Akram Scientist! Your right understanding is highly appreciated!