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Meat hinders Spiritual Growth

Meat is a heavy ‘food’ and hinders the spiritual growth of a person.

Detail:  Everything is the effect of food. Eaten food turns into "brandy" in the body. These effects are directly linked with spiritual awareness. Heavy or excessive food decreases spiritual and mental awareness. Non-vegetarian food is heavy and does not allow the development of one's spiritual intellect. If you want to progress spiritually you must eat vegetarian food, which is light and does not create intoxication. It also helps in increasing awareness.


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B+ always!

FACT - As you imagine, so will you be!

If you yourself say, “My health is good” then you will feel better and become good. Likewise, if you keep on saying that, “I am not feeling well,” then you will feel worse. Just remember - So you will become as you imagine! 

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Stale food = Invitation to problems

FACT – One should avoid consuming cold food as it harms our digestive system.

DETAIL - Cold food makes everything dull while hot and fresh food energizes everything. Moreover, it is difficult to digest cold food. If the food is stale, it will harm our digestive system. Our ability to digest food is reduced even if we eat after three-four hours of cooking. Hence, in order to maintain good health, we should try to avoid it as much as possible. Beware! before consuming stale food!

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