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Stale food = Invitation to problems

FACT – One should avoid consuming cold food as it harms our digestive system.

DETAIL - Cold food makes everything dull while hot and fresh food energizes everything. Moreover, it is difficult to digest cold food. If the food is stale, it will harm our digestive system. Our ability to digest food is reduced even if we eat after three-four hours of cooking. Hence, in order to maintain good health, we should try to avoid it as much as possible. Beware! before consuming stale food!

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Give and take of Nature

FACT- It is the law of nature, that if you give others whatever you have to others, nature will take care of your needs.

DETAILS- If we give happiness to others, we will also attain happiness whereas if cause pain and suffering to others, we will also have to endure enduring. Now it’s up to us to decide, what do we want?

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Sun and Moon have physical bodies

Did you know that the sun and moon also have physical bodies? As soon as the life span of a soul ends, it leaves and gets replaced by another one. In this way, the soul within the sun and moon changes, but the body remains the same.

In case of human beings when the soul goes, the body is burned whereas in the sun and moon the body remains as it is, it is not burned, only the soul gets replaced. So fascinating!

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