Khichdi...hmm Yummy!!!!

Fact - Khichdi (a dish made of spiced rice and lentils) is the food of the celestial beings. The celestial beings are happy when they get khichdi. So why should we not be happy with it?

Details - Ayurveda (an ancient and natural system of medicine, originating in India)  teaches us that when we eat khichdi, the acidity, gas and everything else in our stomach, gets balanced out. Whatever junk you may have eaten before, if you eat two mouthfuls of khichdi on top, it will balance it out. So khichdi is the best food - the best food for the sick, the best food for the healthy, and the best food to stay disease-free. Having a dislike for khichdi amounts to having a dislike for the one who has cooked the khichdi for you.