A change in Ambalalbhai’s understanding

A Lesson Learnt… One day Ambalalbhai decides to ride his brother’s horse on the fields of Bhadran. On such attempt, he fell off the horse.

He complains but his elder brother says, “Such a thorough breed would never throw you off. It must be due to your inability to ride.

Ambalalbhai accepts his inability and says “Oh! Brother is right. Why would the horse throw me off? I fell off because I do not know how to ride. It is not right for me to put the blame on the horse, is it?”

The horse has taught me a very good lesson. Whenever we are taken back or we cannot have our say, we blame others and shield our inability. If we can see our own mistakes, we can make very good progress.

Ambalal used to say that who so ever enhances our knowledge, must be acclaimed as our Guru. Due to these high values inherent in him, he was ready to become the disciple of the entire world.