Birth of Ambalal

Ambalal Patel was born on November 7, 1908 at his maternal home in Tarsali village near Vadodara.

His father Muljhibhai Patel and mother Jhaverba were residents of Bhadran village located in the Charotar region of Gujarat. They were deeply inspiring in all aspects of their familial, social and religious values.

Jhaverba had vowed to Goddess Amba Ma not to have any ghee and after about 8 years, a son was born. So she named him Ambalal, meaning ‘son of Amba Ma’. As a child, Ambalal was very sweet and attractive. Along with being clever and brave, he was also very naughty.

Ambalal was lucky to get the warmth and closeness of his mother as a child. Jhaverba instilled great values in Ambalal and built a good moral character. If good care is taken, the plant will blossom well!

Let’s learn about the incidents of Ambalal who was later known as ‘Dada Bhagwan’ who helped millions of people across the world to lead a happy and fulfilling life.