Sulking is a Loss

Manibhai was Ambalal’s elder brother. He was elder to Ambalal by quite a few years. So, when Manibhai got married, Ambalal was still quite young. His sister-in-law was also very young. Ambalal wanted to establish his importance in the house. One morning, he decided to be unusually stubborn while having milk.

He asked his mother to pour him more milk than his sister-in-law. His mother calmly explained that he could have the same amount as her, but not more. When he insisted on wanting more than she had.

His mother calmly explained, “If I give her less, won’t she feel hurt? You have your mother here to take care of you, but her mother is not here. How can I do anything to hurt her? I have to give the same to both of you.”

With a huff, Ambalal strode off declaring that, “No, if you don’t give me more, then I don’t want to have any milk. I am off!” Jhaverba did not go after him to console him. So, in a very short while, he began to feel anxious.

He calculated in his mind how much he had gained and how much he had lost by sulking. Sitting in his room all alone the entire day meant that he had lost not just the milk, but also laughing and talking with everyone, playing, going to school, everything!

Ambalal realised his mistake – “Sulking is a loss to me.” After that day, he never sulked again.