Values inspired by Mother

Ambalal was born in Tarsali village near Vadodara (India), and his mother Jhaverba was kind and benevolent person with good moral values and deep thinking....

One day, when young Ambalal returned home late after playing with his friends, his mother, Jhaverba asked him why he was late. Ambalal informed her that while playing he had a fight with a boy and made him bleed.

His mother lovingly explained to him, “Son, if you were to bleed like him, would I not have to dress your wounds? Would his mother not be dressing his wound right now? He must be crying a lot. Just imagine how much pain he must be in.”

His mother advised him, “So, from now on take a beating rather than give a beating. If you get hurt, I will take care of you.”

Now tell me, would such a mother not make a Mahavir? His mother instilled the highest of moral values in him.