Who is the real doer?

Ambalal would often play “the chalk-stick game” with his friends. This game involved throwing the chalk sticks from a distance into a box

All his friends would aim meticulously, but the chalk sticks would fall into the box only three or four times. At other times, the chalk sticks would just bounce out of the box.

Ambalal, on the other hand, would throw the chalk sticks without even taking aim. Yet, about five of those would easily land inside the box.

He reckoned that, “If we try to be the ‘doer’ none of the chalk sticks actually land inside the box. I don’t know how to aim, but the chalk sticks still land inside the box. Why can’t we control things around us?”

He concluded that, “The real ‘doer” in this world is somebody else, a force other than the self.”