CAR'TOON' Story 1

Cartoon Story 1 - Jimmy learns a lesson

This story is about a cool city named Carland where all the vehicles could speak!

This city was well known for its orderly traffic behavior. Since all the vehicles were under close observation, this city had never witnessed a single accident. At the red signal, all the well-behaved vehicles waited patiently and allowed other vehicles to pass.

One day, a mischievous car named Tiana came to Carland. She enjoyed annoying others and made it difficult for other cars to move about peacefully.

All the cars were scared of Tiana.

Her favorite target was Jimmy, who was one of the most sincere cars of Carland.

One day Jimmy fumed at Tiana when she saw her stood on her parking space. Jimmy- Oi Tiana, this is my parking space! Why don’t you park yourself somewhere else? And Tiana didn’t budge. Tiana - Why, is your name written in this space? I will park myself right here, ha…ha…ha…

This was Tiana’s nature. Poor Jimmy… who would come to her rescue each time? One day, suddenly Jimmy thought of Uncle Henry!!

This is Uncle Henry. Uncle Henry or the ‘Happy Henry’. Although he was old, he was very friendly. Little Tiana was not aware of Happy old Henry because he had stopped driving on the main roads since a long time. However, all the other cars knew him because he had helped them whenever they had broken down.

Jimmy went to meet Uncle Henry in his garage. She wanted to get some advice to help her keep out of trouble with Tiana.

Uncle Henry was resting. She went closer to Uncle Henry and tooted, “Uncle Henry!” Henry slowly opened his eyes.

“Oh Jimmy, it’s you! It’s a pleasure to see you after so long. How is everything going?” “Uncle, there is this new car, Tiana; she bugs me a lot.” Jimmy blurted out anxiously. “And how do you deal with it?”, Henry asked her. “I end up squabbling with her,” Jimmy answered.

“The same rule applies in our daily interactions as well. Do not clash with anyone,” said Uncle Henry.

“But Uncle, what should I do if someone deliberately clashes with me?”, asked Jimmy. “What would you do if someone broke a traffic rule and came in front of you while you were driving?” , asked Henry. “I would move out of the way to avoid an accident,” Jimmy replied instantly.

“Why?” Uncle Henry asked again. “Because that accident would hurt me and I could even die!” Jimmy answered.

Uncle Henry said, “The one who wants peace in life will have to adjust. The one who is determined to avoid clashes will always find ways to take adjustments. Thus his common sense will also develop. That’s the rule of nature.” Jimmy promised,“Oh! From now onwards, I won’t get involved in clashes with anyone."

Soon Tiana lost interest in teasing Jimmy because she no longer became angry. In the end, she stopped provoking Jimmy. Like this, Jimmy learnt to apply the understanding to ‘Avoid Clashes’ all the time, be it on the road or in life.