CAR'TOON' Story 2

Cartoon Story 2 - U-turn in Tiana’s life

Jimmy had become quite sensible. So, who was Tiana going to fight with? One day, she found someone else she could tease. Let’s see who he is!

This is Woburt. A huge petrol tanker. One evening Woburt got very thirsty. He saw a gas station on his way home.

He lined up for his turn at the gas station. Just then, Tiana turned in for some petrol and queued up behind Woburt. Tiana just couldn’t resist being cheeky.

Woburt already had a headache because he was thirsty. And on top of that Tiana had just called him a ‘taxi’, so he lost his temper. He reversed a bit and banged into Tiana.

This is how the two vehicles started fighting. All vehicles tried to warn her, but she did not listen.

Both the vehicles started a nasty brawl and walloped each other. Tiana’s headlight got smashed, and many of her parts got dented, yet, she could hardly cause any damage to Woburt.

She called out in distress. Everyone tried to calm Woburt down, but he was not ready to listen.

Just then Jimmy appeared. She said to Woburt, “Friend, bravery does not mean battering someone who is weaker than you nor does it mean deriving pleasure out of hurting someone. Bravery is when you are able to remain calm and cheerful under all circumstances. Hearing this Woburt muttered “Sorry” and took off.

Everyone praised Jimmy as she was able to stop the fight with her right understanding. She asked some of the other cars to help to Tiana to Uncle Henry’s garage for repairs. Tiana arrived at Uncle Henry’s garage.She was badly damaged. Jimmy introduced Tiana to Uncle Henry. He repaired her with great care.

Jimmy was chatting amicably with everyone who was waiting around. Tiana’s gaze fell on Jimmy’s number plate. It read... ‘Avoid Clashes - Increase Your Common Sense’

This raised a question in Tiana’s mind, ‘How can common sense increase by avoiding clashes?’ Then, she immediately remembered that Woburt could not be calmed down by anyone, until Jimmy arrived. At once, Woburt calmed down upon listening to what Jimmy said. She remembered all the past incidents.

She realized, ‘Oh yes, Jimmy used to get so irritated and start quarreling. And now she has changed indeed! She knows how to avoid clashes and remain happy under any circumstance!' Just then, Uncle Henry shook her.

She smiled pointing towards Jimmy’s number plate.

Uncle Henry understood everything. He gently remarked, “Better late than never. It’s never late to realize and learn from your mistakes. ‘Avoid clashes’ is indeed the key to lead a happy life.”

Tiana smiled and headed towards a new beginning.