Dare to dream !

    “This year’s ‘Outstanding Student of The Year Award’ goes to the sixth grader, Dhyan Dixit!”

Just after the announcement a roar of applause erupted in the hall. Dhyan received the award from the principal. Unfortunately, Dhyan’s bully came out of the blue and pushed him from behind and the award hit Dhyan’s forehead. Suddenly the claps changed to laughter. Dhyan started rubbing his forehead and looked around. The school bus stopped; the rod of the front seat got hit on his forehead. He was daydreaming, again! He picked up his backpack and went home. He threw his backpack and removed his shoes and heard his favorite persons’ voice. With a smile he enthusiastically called out, “Granny! Granny!” Dhyan ran towards her. He hugged his granny because she had come after a very long time. All the family members had the best of times with their dear old granny.

When he was alone with her, she asked in her loving tone, “What happened? When you came from school you looked unhappy. Did something happen at school?

"Yes, something happened,” he mused, "everyone can’t become what they want, right? Everyone doesn’t have the capacity.”

His granny changed the topic and said, “mmm...Not quite right my son. Let me tell you a story. There was a boy of your age, he used to gaze at the moon and the stars from his neighbor's telescope. One day, his father took him to see the Air Show. At that time, he dreamt of reaching out to the moon and stars. Do you know who this boy was? He was Neil Armstrong, the first human to step on the moon.”

Dhyan said with doubt, “Wow his dream came true! But granny, not everyone is as lucky as him.”

“Yes, but many wise people have believed in the 3-step formula of this success. If you follow them sincerely, you will achieve whatever you dream of.” she replied with confidence.

Granny elaborated further…

“STEP 1 – Plan to set your goals to make your dreams come true.” She waited for Dhyan to process, then continued.

“STEP 2 – Prepare yourself with full confidence.”

Dhayan’s face turned into a thinker’s, he held onto each word granny uttered, as if it were his life line!

“Finally STEP 3 – Pursue. Work hard calmly until you don’t get it. After which, you leave it to God—as you say, your luck. And always remember, your thoughts shape your beliefs, and you become what you believe in.” Granny’s words were etched in Dhyan’s mind, which motivated him to set his goal.

He loved Science at school, but always ended up scoring less in the subject because he found it nearly impossible to understand. He tried his best yet he got less marks in the unit tests. He urged his mom to visit granny over the weekend. He was determined to find his answers.

Dhyan's mum dropped him at granny's where he expressed his frustration. “I am incapable, and I am a loser. Just by getting inspired by the science scholar I want to become like him will just remain a dream. This can NEVER happen!” His granny calmly got him some ice cream and cooled him down. She took him for a walk, because she knew the open skies and lush green trees are an antidote to anything.

“After setting your goal, you must never doubt it. If you doubt and think negatively about your goal, then nature will program the same negative output, do you understand my son?”

Dhyan pondered. He let granny’s words sink in, make sense.

“There was another case of a foreign pilot of a fighter jet,” granny continued, “that plane crashed, and he was in a critical condition. He had multiple fractures, and all his vital organs were damaged. Top panel doctors told him that he might survive but he will be bedridden for the rest of his life, and he will never walk. The pilot had an iron-strong willpower. He decided that by Christmas he would walk out of this hospital well and strong.”

Dhyan’s raised eyebrows and wide eyes were a sign of astonishment and wonder! “Then…??”

“It really happened! The whole medical staff was amazed!” granny said, leaving a glimmer in the eyes of our young dreamer. That was when Dhyan knew he had the answers he needed.

Dhyan reflected, “After working so hard, somewhere deep down, I doubted that I might not be able to write in exams. And I couldn’t because I believed I wasn’t capable.”

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can't – you're right,” Granny quoted Henry Ford.

“...Because, you believe it. Now I know exactly what I must do!” Dhyan exclaimed. He bid his granny farewell with a big hug and a bright smile. She truly was a genius.

Six months later…

“This year’s ‘Outstanding Student of the Year’ award goes to Dhyan Dixit!” A thunderous roar of applause filled the room where granny sat with Dhyan’s parents. He received the award from the principal and looked at granny who winked at him in appreciation.


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