Dhruv learns ABC

The school was finally over and Dhruv rushed home. "Dhruv, where is your sweater?" Dhruv looked at his mom in wonder. He could not recall anything. "Dear, learn to take care of your things…" He paid little heed to his mom's words.

Dhruv went to meet his friend. "Aakash can I read your story book?" "Yes but can you return the other book you borrowed." "Didn't I return it?" "No! Did you lose it? Return my book then i will give you the second one." Dhruv returned home confused. He didn't remember where he had kept the book.

It was bed time and he went to sleep. In his dreams he saw a man with curly hair, and a hat on, sitting under a tree. He was holding a stick in his hand. As Dhruv went closer, he saw a pile of things besides the man. "Hey! those are all my things. Who are you?" Dhruv shouted.

"Hey, I am Uncle Care," He said with a smile. "You stole my things! You are a thief," Dhruv shouted. "I did not steal them. I picked them up. You left them lying here and there...in the school bus, on the park bench...the list is endless," replied Uncle Care.

"Oh! But they are mine. Give them back to me!" "No, they are no longer yours. But, if you want them back then CCC, Collect Care Coupons, by following a simple ABC rule, meaning 'Always Be Careful' rule," Uncle Care replied instantly. "But how do I do that, Uncle Care?" Dhruv asked.

"Be careful to pack the things you need. Be careful if you have put the things back in their place. Be careful to return the things you borrowed. Be careful about your duties. Stop and think after each action, "was I careful?" and slowly you'll learn. It's simple, ABC - Always be careful."

"So do you agree to follow all this?" Uncle Care asked. "Yes, I agree. I want my things back," said Dhruv. Just as Dhruv was about to thank Uncle Care, he heard his mother's voice. "Come on Dhruv get up! You are getting late for school." Dhruv woke up from his dream.

In recess he went out to play. As he was returning to class after the bell rang, he recalled Uncle Care's words. He looked back and found his water bottle lying on the grass. He ran back to collect it and silently thanked Uncle Care.

Do you think Dhruv collected enough Care Coupons to get his things back? We know that he followed the simple ABC rule and didn't lose any more of his belongings or friendships.