Get rid of your negative opinions

One day,Manji,Mr.Shah’s servant saw his coat hanging on the door with money sticking out of his pocket.

Manji noticed this. Manji-I am desperately in need of money.This is a good opportunity,nobody is watching.

Just as Manji tries to steal, Aditya- You thief,how dare you steal? Mr.Shah rushed over upon hearing this.

Manji-Pp…please forgive me Sir.My daughter is ill.I need money for her medicine.

Mr.Shah-Beware! From now onwards, if you are ever caught stealing again,I’ll hand you over to the police.

One day,Aditya was looking for his watch. Aditya-Surely,Manji must’ve stolen it. His opinion became stronger.

Aditya-Now,I’ll have to complain to papa.He’ll forget to steal once he is punished and put behind the bars.

Just then Aditya’s mum arrived Mum-What’s the matter?Why do you look so angry?

Aditya-Manji has stolen my watch. I’m going to tell papa and get him arrested by the police.

Mum-Your watch? I have kept it in your cupboard.It was lying around on your bed.

Aditya looked in his cupboard and found his watch. He was ashamed for suspecting Manji.

Mum-Do you know how wrong it would’ve been had you got Manji arrested based on your false opinion? Aditya-Yes.

Mum-Manji is not someone who’ll steal.It was under the pressure of his circumstances that he did that.

Mum-Repeat 50 to 100 times that ‘Manji is an honest person’ so that your negative opinion about him is erased.

Aditya-Sure mummy. Aditya did as he was told and he felt lighter.He also started to like Manji.

Moral - Do not form any negative opinion against others as it’ll harm you only in turn.