Home Alone

Mum: Nihar enough now. It's 10pm! Time to sleep.
Nihar: Oh! My high score! She will not understand.

Nihar: My friends are going to Mount Abu. Can I go too?
Dad: No Nihar, you are too little to go on your own.

Nihar: I can’t live the way I want to! Why do I always have to listen to my parents?
O God! Please help me.

God: Yes Nihar, you called?
Nihar: I didn’t call anybody. I said God! Is that you, God? I can’t believe it.

God: I heard you cry, so thought you were in trouble.
Nihar: That’s right God! I feel I live in a prison.

God: Have they kept you tied up? Don’t they allow you to go out?
Nihar: No, but no one asks what I want.

Nihar: All I have to do is follow. Please God I am now old enough. I don't need them.
God: Okay so be it.

God: You will now live alone, all on your own.
Nihar: Is it true?
Nihar jumps with Joy.

Nihar: Mom, Dad are you there? They are gone. Wow! My life is in my control now. No going to school today.

Let's make a sandwich for breakfast. Wow! I can make whatever I want. There is no one to say don't eat this!

Nihar: My life, my rules, my way. Hello Yash! Come home and bring everyone. There's a party at my place.

10 days later, Nihar goes to school.
Teacher: There is a surprise test today as the exam is in two days.

Nihar: Oh no! This is a surprise. I haven't studied anything. Mom would make me study when she was there.

(At home) Nihar: I am bored eating bread butter since 10 days! My stomach is upset. I miss mom's food

At night- Oh no! The power is gone.
(Ring)-Hello Sir, you haven't paid the bill. Nihar-Oh, Dad paid the bills.

Nihar: I don’t even know how to pay the bill. Where do I get the money from?

Nihar: Mom! Dad! Let's go home. Who is he?
Mom: He is our son. Who are you?
Nihar: Your son! What's wrong!

Nihar: God! Please respond. I want my parents back. I was wrong. I can't live wihout them.

God: I gave your parents to Soham. He had no parents and kept asking me for them. Now I can't take them away.

..He is so happy."
Just then, Nihar's eyes opened.
Nihar: O thank god it was a dream!

He rushed to his parents.
Nihar: Mom! Dad! Please don't ever leave me and go.

Dad: Where will we go? We are here.
Mom: Let's go to temple today. You can ask God for whatever you want.

Nihar:  No! No! I am happy with what I have.
He hugged his parents tightly.