Inner values

Every day, just as the sun was setting, the balloon seller would roll his cart to the park to sell his colorful balloons. He and the balloons were dearly loved.

One day, an odd-looking balloon with various colors and patterns caught the attention of a young girl. She asked the balloon seller, "Why are you filling this balloon with air? It's awfully ugly!"

The balloon seller, unbothered, smiled and answered, “Just wait, let me show you something.” He filled the balloon with helium and released it into the sky. Both of them watched as the balloon effortlessly flew high.

Once the balloon was out of sight, the balloon seller explained, “Despite being different on the outside, it was what was on the inside of the balloon that ultimately brought it up.”

"It’s our inner beauty, like sincerity and kindness, that helps us succeed in life. These qualities may be invisible to the eye, but they speak louder than words." The young girl understood and was reminded of the message every time she caught a glimpse of the balloon seller.