Inner values

There was once a balloon seller who used to go to a particular park to sell his helium filled balloons. Children loved them. He used to have such unique colors that no other vendor had and his prices were reasonable too.

One day the balloon seller took an odd looking balloon that had various colours and filled it with helium. One little girl was confused and so she went to the man and asked him, “Uncle, why are you bothering filling air in this balloon? It is quite ugly!”

The balloon seller smiled and answered, “Just wait, I will show you something.” He filled enough helium in the balloon and then released it. The balloon flew high up in the sky. The girl just kept looking up at the sky.

The balloon seller told her, “See dear, the thing that is inside the balloon decides how high it will fly, not the beauty of the balloon.”

Friends, it's our inner strength and inner values that take us high up in our lives, not our outer appearance!