Joy of Giving

Sharing brings joy to people’s lives but because of our possessiveness we fail to give that joy. I too had this experience and if it wasn’t for my uncle I wouldn’t have learnt this. Come friends, let me share how I changed from being stubborn to being caring.

One day, after school, as I was riding my bicycle while my cousins walked behind me begging me to give them the bicycle. “Huh!” I thought to myself why should I give them what belongs to me they can go get their own bicycle. Just then I heard my uncle’s voice. Yes! that’s got to be him I am sure he has brought something for me.

As soon as I hugged him, he took out a bar of chocolate from his pocket.

As I was putting the chocolate in the fridge I asked my uncle, “Uncle, hasn’t Ashu come with you?”

“He has but he is playing inside with Karishma” replied Vipul uncle as he sat down on the sofa.


As soon as I heard my cousins names I knew they must be up to something and they must be playing with one of my games in my room. I quickly ran to see what was going on. I was right they were all sitting in my room playing with my board games. I couldn’t accept it so I quickly snatched the board game away.

Uncle saw me doing this and came to me and explained, “Krupa, you get real happiness from sharing.  You don’t lose anything by giving your things to others.  Whatever you need you will always get.  And in return, your happiness will keep increasing.”

“But how can you get happiness by giving your things to others?”  I argued again.

 Uncle thought that there was no point in explaining anything further. Changing the subject he said, “No problem, I am going to take all three of you out tonight to a pigeon house and then you can play until you are satisfied, okay?” I was so happy as soon as I heard about going out.

As per uncle’s instructions we all sat down.  Gradually the pigeons came and started eating from our hands. I occasionally threw the chickpeas at the pigeons saying, “hoorer…”, “hoorer…” and other times I allowed the birds to feed from my hand.  Karishma and Ashu were copying me.  The more the pigeons ate the happier they became.  When the first lot of chickpeas finally finished, we bought two more batches and after that Vipul uncle treated us too some ice-cream before we returned home.

While we all  sat down to have dinner, Vipul uncle announced, “I will eat only if Krupa serves everyone today”.  I was happy to serve everyone and realised that I was liking it too. As I sat down to eat, Karishma and Ashu served me with a lot of love. At that point I realised that I was unfair with them earlier and from that point on the whole atmosphere in the house became loving.


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