Money Money Money....

Dad: Headphones again? New ones got lost? Meet: Sorry dad, iPad got cracked too, can we please buy a new one?

Mom: Meet, such carelessness! On top of it, you always have new demands. Do you think money grows on a tree?

Dad: Your Mom is right dear! No more demands. Meet: Please! Puja & Aunt are also coming tomorrow for vacation.

Next Day, Puja: Wow! You have so many cool toys and games! I wish my dad was a rich businessman like uncle!

Meet: Doesn't matter Puja, I too don't get things I want. I wish we could earn on our own and shop as we want!

Puja: O yeah, it's possible! Look, it's an online game! We can earn as much as we want by doing simple chores!

Next Day, Meet: Dad, Can Puja and I participate in this game and earn by doing chores? So we can shop freely.

Puja: We can shop for our Summer Camp from our own earnings. Aunt: Not a bad idea, huh! Dad: OK, fine by me!

Mom: We told you that we won't buy you a thing and then, you came up with this! OK, Good luck to both of you!

Next Week, Meet: Puja, let's take up the Bonus and Hard tasks. So we can get faster money with less tasks done

Next Week, Puja: Meet, these tasks are time taking and tiring as well! Also we'll have to be careful for fines.

Next Week,  Meet: ugh, so tired! Let's take up easy tasks instead. We'll be doing more and getting less tired.

Next Week, Meet: Whole day of non-stop work, I am so fed up by this routine! I'll die if this continues!

After a Month Puja: Finally, the month is over. Let's count, we have to shop for summer camp. Meet: Yay!

Both of them shop online. They put their favorite items in the cart first, then check their Summer Camp list.

Meet: Who will stop me now? Puja: Oh, cart total got higher than our earnings and essentials are still left!

Meet: O no! Let's not go with the brand names, add all the necessary stuff first, then check if it fits.

Puja: done Meet: Now? Puja: Um, still the cart total is higher then our budget. We need to cut off more items.

Meet: I never thought about prices and how money comes, till now! I never knew budgeting is such a big deal!

Puja: Yeah, this is just a Summer Camp Budget. Dad: Imagine, how we must be budgeting your needs! Meet: True!

Meet: It was hard fitting our needs after all the cuts. Dad: But Good news is that you realised! Thanks Puja!

Meet: What? Puja: Sorry, but it was uncle's plan. Mom: Mission "Meet Values Money" Meet: No demands anymore!

Puja: I too realised the value of money late. I saw my parents earning hard to fulfil family needs. Have you?