Mr. Fatty’s Fast

One day in Greenland forest Mr. Jumpy, the Monkey and Mr. Spotty, the Giraffe came to the river bank to drink water. There they met Mr. Fatty, the Elephant, who had also come to drink water.

To have fun, Mr. Jumpy and Mr. Spotty started teasing Mr. Fatty, saying, “We do not get sufficient water to drink and food to eat because of this elephant”. On hearing this remark, Mr. Fatty got hurt but he kept silent and went away. From that day he stopped drinking water and eating food. Day by day he became weaker and fell sick.

Mr. Lio, the king of Greenland heard about Mr. Fatty’s fast and called up all the animals.  He said, “Everybody lives and eats according to his own nature. We should not hurt anybody.”

Mr. Jumpy and Mr. Spotty realized their mistake. All the animals came to find out how the sick elephant was feeling. Mr. Jumpy and Mr. Spotty wholeheartedly requested Mr. Fatty to forgive them and break the fast. After that all the animals lived happily together in Greenland.

Words are like weapons, so we must be cautious while using them.


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