Overcoming bad habits

Keyur would wake up late every day. As a result he would always be late to catch his school bus.

In order to avoid sitting on the last seat, he would always cut the queue and get inside the bus.

One day, his schoolmate informs him not to cut the queue and to wait in line just like everyone.

The next day, his schoolmates decide that they will not allow Keyur to cut the queue.

Just then, Keyur arrives and his schoolmate again tells him to queue up in line.

As soon as the bus arrives, Keyur jumps in front of Raj and boards the bus.

Raj : Why don’t you come early? Keyur :I watch TV till late so i cant wake up early.

Raj: Don’t you think it’s your mistake? Keyur: It is a mistake, I know, but what can I do?

Raj: What do you mean?You make a mistake,then you lie and bully to protect it.How will the mistake leave?

Keyur: So you mean that I should become an ‘Honesty icon’ and admit that I am unable to wake up early?

Raj:So what’s the problem? The habits of lying and waking up late will never leave if you protect them.

Raj:These habits won’t leave for 20 years. That’s the law of nature. Keyur-I don’t believe in such laws.

Keyur’s habit of waking up late and intruding into the bus continued.Years passed by.Both of them grew up.

One day, Keyur gets thrown out a public bus.

While he is picking up his bag, Raj : you still cut the queue? do you recall my words?

Ashamed Keyur :I want to break free from this old habbit of waking up late and cutting the queue for the bus.

Raj : Do not protect your mistake and ask for forgiveness for protecting it in the past.

Dear friends, Always remember, don’t protect your bad habits else they will never leave you.