Secret Santa

Jenil: Wow! I am Santa Claus this Christmas. Mom: See the joy of giving this festival brings, son!

Jenil: Mom, the slum area is so dirty! Mom: Son, giving doesn't differentiate dirty or clean, good or bad.

Jenil: This one is for you.

Shyam: Wow that car is so awesome.

Shyam: I wish I get that car. I will play with it by the main road. All my friends will come to play with me. We can take turns to play with the car.

Shyam: Oh no! Almost all his toys have been given away. He will now give the blue car. Will I get it?

Mom: Here, take it. You seem to be liking it.

Jenil: What! Mom you can't give this blue car away as well. It's still working well. Besides, it's my favourite car.

Mom: Jenil, it's rude to take back anything once you give it away. It now belongs to him. Come, we will buy another car exactly like it for you. Jenil: But Mom! I have memories with that car!

Jenil: Look mom, he returned it!! I got my car back!! Oh my blue car! Mom: You came here to be Santa Claus for others, but it seems someone has turned out to be a Santa for you!! He gave the car away yet he is appearing so happy!!

Jenil: May be this is the joy of giving.