Secret to happiness

It was a beautiful morning. Jina the giraffe, looking sad as usual, was walking towards the lake.

Jina: Zebras take such beautiful leaps, how easily they run. Look at my walk– it is so odd-looking.

Elephant: Everything ok with you? 
Jina: Hmmm…

Jina: The elephant has so much fun when she takes water in her trunk and sprays it everywhere. The elephant is so happy. If only I had a trunk

Jina: The deer is so beautiful and the antelope has such strong and elegant horns. 

Just then Anandi, the crow came and sat on Jina’s head. 
Crow: Kau Kau…bliss, bliss everywhere…

Jina: How's that you are so happy? 
Crow: Simple! 'Find happiness in every situation'

Going back to the lake Jina saw her reflection in the water and thought they all look so good,I am so strange. 

Crow: Jina, what you are feeling is all due to the misery of comparison. You are a giraffe so you’re going to look like one, aren’t you?

Crow: Your suffering and sadness will go away if you focus on what you already have instead of what you don’t have.

Jina: But I don’t have anything. Everyone else has so much. 
Jina stood there with a sad face.

Jina and the crow were deep in conversation when suddenly a lioness came by. Jina was extremely frightened.

Lioness: Jina, don’t be scared. Please, I need your help. My cub has climbed up a tree. Will you bring him down?

Jina stretched her long neck up and gently brought the cub down from the tree.
Lioness: Thank you Jina!

Crow: So much joy in helping! Did you enjoy helping someone, Jina?

Jina: It was very nice. Today I have understood how valuable it is to have legs like long sticks and a neck like a stretched piece of chewing gum.

Crow: Yes, instead of suffering by comparing ourselves, we should be happy and make the most of what we have.