Secret to success in life

Gaurav: Mummy, I miss you. I don’t like my new mother. She only takes care of her son, Chintu.

(In his dream) Mum : You have to develop the strength to adjust with those whom you don’t get along with.

Mum: If you adjust with your new mother without complaining, your strength to adjust will increase.

(Next day) he remembered his mother and said “Mum,now I shall never complain. I promise!”

Chintu: Mummy, why do you give me milk, toast and jam for breakfast every day and only give milk to Gaurav?

Gaurav: I am never hungry in the morning. Now hurry up. The school bus will be here.

On returning home they found their mum had fever . Mum: Chintu, I’ve made some snacks for you. Please eat!

Gaurav: I'm hungry too!. Mum: Can’t you see I have fever? He is young that’s why I have prepared food for him

Mum: You have grown up now. Learn to cook for yourself!

Gaurav: Yes,mummy you’re right.You take care of yourself. I will prepare and eat something.

Gaurav didn’t know how to cook food. He made some ‘maggi’ noodles and ate it.

The next day. Gaurav: Mum,I will learn how to cook so that if you are not well, I can cook food for everyone

In this way, Gaurav learnt to cook food, wash clothes and clean utensils.He became adept at all of that.

Gradually,Gaurav and Chintu entered into high school and they were both enrolled in a boarding school.

After a month, Chintu: Is this a school or a jail? I don’t like it here. I want to go home.

Gaurav: This food is very good. When I first learnt how to cook pudding, it turned out worse than this food.

Chintu: I can’t survive in this jail-like school. I’ll call papa tomorrow and ask him to take me away.

Gaurav: Do you know, when you take adjustments without complaining, your strength to adjust also increases.

Gaurav: Your weaknesses will reduce in the same proportion. Thereafter, you’ll have no reason to complain.

Chintu: No way! I don’t want to hear these lectures from you.

Chintu called his papa. Papa: Studying here will be good for your future. But Chintu refused to study there.

Gaurav had no complaints. He had learnt to adjust by turning the unfavorable situations into favorable ones.

He got admission in a Law School and became a successful lawyer. While Chintu got a clerical job only.