Should I lie or not?

Siya: Aunty,where’s Prachi? She hasn’t come to pick me up. Aunty:She’s gone out with her cousin.She’ll be late

After some time, Prachi- Siya, Siya!!! Siya-You took so long! I’ve been waiting for quite some time.

Prachi: I got late finishing chores for Papa.

That evening, Mummy- What happened dear? Siya: Prachi is the biggest liar.

Siya: She told me that she was doing her father’s work,but madam went to a hotel. I won’t believe her again.

Mum: So you see,when someone lies to us we feel hurt,so when we lie to someone, they are bound to be hurt.

One day, Mum: Siya,the car has to be serviced. Will you drop me at the shop and leave the car at a garage?

Siya: I’ll pick you up at 4:00 pm from here. Saying this, she dropped the car off at the garage.

Siya visited a nearby shopping center for a stroll and lost the track of time.

Siya: Oh no! It’s 5:00 pm already. Mummy must be waiting since an hour.

Siya (thinking): What should I do? I’ll tell her that I got late at the garage.

From a far, Siya saw her mum patiently seated in a corner.

Siya: I was so hurt when Prachi lied.When mum finds out that I am lying, it’ll hurt her too! So I won’t lie.

Siya: Sorry!I’d gone off to loiter around and got late.You had to wait for so long because of me.

Mum looked sternly at Siya. She looked down in shame.Mum took the car keys from her. Mum: Get in the car.

Siya: It doesn’t matter that mum is upset with me.Just the thought of lying felt like such a burden.

Siya: Now why have we come to the shopping center instead of going home?

Mum (winking): To buy you a gift for being honest. Then on reaching home, you’ll be punished for being late.