Stubborn Stone

On a high terrain region there stood a big mountain. After an earthquake, two stones were born from it. Both were grey and rough from outside, but very different from inside. The larger one was stubborn, wanting to have his way. The other was a little smaller, but very flexible.

The two stones soon got separated from the mountain and started their journey. Shortly after, the two stones met Mr. Wind. He knew the two stones would face danger on their journey. So Mr. Wind tried to warn them, "Stop! Don't go down there!! There is a river ready to gulp down anyone coming its way!"

Stubborn stone said, "Who are you to stop me? I am the son of the big mountain up there. I am not scared of any river." The flexible stone acknowledged Mr. Wind and said, "Big brother, I think we should listen to him. He seems to be right." Stubborn stone replied, "Small brother, you better follow me!"

Flexible stone joined his elder brother. As they rolled down a little further, they heard a turbulent noise. "Big brother, I think it’s that river. We should consider changing our route." Stubborn stone didn't budge. He continued ahead and ordered his brother to follow. Soon their eyes widened in fear.

A frothy, white and angry looking river was waiting ready to swallow anyone who comes its way. Suddenly, both stones got pushed into the river. Flexible stone knew there was no escape now so he would go with the flow. Stubborn stone, still adamant, tried his best to not be moved by the angry river's force.

Once in the river, the flexible stone bore its force with humility. Not finding the river's fault, it simply kept moving with the flow.

As luck would have it, the river could not harm the flexible stone due to its humble attitude. Infact, the river's force eroded its roughness making it smooth and shiny.

The flexible stone was deposited on the river bank. He grieved his brother's demise, "How dearly stubbornness pays!" After some time, a saint passing by the river saw the now smooth stone. He took it in it hand and exclaimed, "Wow! It’s a shaligram. Its place is not here!"

The saint placed the stone in the temple and said, "It's the adjustments in life against struggles that turns us into God."