Tangy Tomato

Tangy Tomato: Come on friends, It's dark now. No one will come to buy vegetables. We can go anywhere we want!

Karela Uncle: Ouch! My back hurts from lying on my side all day.
Tangy Tomato: That's 'cause you're getting old!

Karela Uncle: Before you laugh at others, remember your day will also come!

Chilli Aunt: Is this how you speak!?
Tangy Tomato: I'm joking! Aunt, your taste and nature are both hot!

Brinjal Uncle: It's a pleasant evening. Let's go for a walk.
Tangy Tomato: I love Brinjal Uncle. He's my type.

Tangy Tomato: Wow! This place is so sparkly and huge.
Brinjal Uncle: They also sell vegetables like us.

All return back.
Karela Uncle: It's nearly morning. Let's rearrange ourselves on the cart.

Suddenly, there is a police raid at Khatpatia Bazar. In the chaos, Tangy Tomato falls off the cart.

Tangy Tomato: Hey! Stop! Take me with you. Don't leave me here! Oh no! What has happened to me?

Tangy Tomato: Wow! That sparkly place! This world is amazing. I will be able to make new friends here.

Tangy Tomato: Hello! Can I stay here?
Brinjal: Have you seen your face!? Zombie! Get lost!!

Cabbage: Look at your size! Did your mother not feed you vitamins?
Tangy Tomato runs away.

Tangy Tomato: My old friends were so good. I miss them. I now realize that I have hurt them with my teasing.

Tangy Tomato: This cart looks familiar. Have I come back to Khatpatia Bazar?
Tangy Tomato climbs onto the cart.

Karela Uncle: Tomato! You're back!!
Tangy Tomato: Phew! I found you. Those vegetables ran me out of the mall.

Chilli Aunt: Look at you! What happened?
Tangy Tomato: I've been squeezed…you'll still accept me, won't you?

Karela Uncle: So what!? You still taste the same.
Tangy Tomato: Please forgive me for teasing all of you.

Tangy Tomato:  I promise that I will not tease anyone anymore.
Chilli Aunt:  
Good! Better late than never.

Brinjal Uncle: On that note, let's go for a walk today.
Karela Uncle: Where to? That mall?

Tangy Tomato: No!!
Everyone laughs.