The Eggless Chocolate cake

Tina planned to surprise her dearest friend Pooja on her birthday. Her mom helped her with an idea to present Pooja with a birthday cake as a gift.

When they arrived at the shop, Tina was excited to see all the fancy, vibrant and delicious variety of cakes.

Without much thought, Tina selected the prettiest cake of all that was sure to delight Pooja. "Mom I guess Pooja would love this pink cake! Pink is her favourite colour."

Mom frowned and worriedly asked, "Tina, do you know why this red sign has been put on the cake?" "Yes, Mom! It means that this cake contains non-vegetarian ingredients, such as eggs." "Wouldn't you mind that, my dear?" Mom asked again. "What's wrong with the eggs, Mom? Aren't they considered vegetarian?"

Tina's mom sweetly laughed at her daughter's innocence. She politely asked Tina, "If I poke you with a small toothpick, will it hurt you?" "Yes Mom! It will. I don't want to get hurt," Tina replied.

Mom explained further, “If you fear merely at the thought of being hurt, then you can imagine how this little egg, whose heart starts to beat by the second day, would feel.”

"I never knew the egg inside has a heart!", Tina exclaimed, looking through the refrigerator glass where the cakes were stored." Do you still wish to buy the pink cake or the eggless cake?" Tina's Mom confirmed. "No Mom! I don't want to hurt the little baby chick inside the egg. It has a heart like me!"

Tina gifted her dearest friend a delicious eggless chocolate cake which made Pooja's birthday very special. All the kids at the party were delighted with the cake and it became everyone's favourite! Even though it was eggless!