The Hare and the Tortoise

Once upon a time, there was a small island in the middle of the Seine river.

All the animals lived together in harmony. They had a lot of activities and things to do the whole day.

One fine day, all were asleep taking their afternoon nap, but the hare and the tortoise were playing around.

The Tortoise: Let's have a race The Hare (confidently): Ok…let’s start

Hare (thinking): Obviously, I'll win so let me rest for a while, as the tortoise is running slowly.

The hare fell into deep sleep and the tortoise steadily went ahead and won the race.

Hare: Hey cheater! you have cheated. I want to race again! Tortoise (sadly): Ok fine.

The hare didn't stop anywhere to rest. In this way he easily won the race.

Tortoise (jealous): We should race again HARE: That’s fine! but we'll run on a different route this time.

Hare (at the bank of the river): Oh no! How will I reach the finishing point? Tortoise: Oh Yes! I can swim.

Tortoise: I am the fastest! Hare: No, I am the fastest!

Tortoise: But I was faster on water. Hare: And I was faster on land.

Tortoise: Hang on! if we help each other we’ll reach our goal faster. Hare: True! I feel the same.

The race begins again!

Tortoise: I can swim across the river with you on my back. Hare: And I'll help you run fast on land.

Tortoise: Hey! we reached faster and easily. Hare: Brilliant! This is the result of our team work

So Friends.. let’s combine our strengths instead of competing and being jealous.