Lord Ram's Positive Vision

When Lord Ram completed his 14 years of exile and returned to Ayodhya, he first went to meet his mothers

When he went to mother Kaikeyi. Kaikeyi: Son Ram! Please forgive me! I have punished you a lot

Kaikeyi: I am the reason for your exile. I am extremely remorseful for that

Ram- Please don’t cry. You have bestowed unlimited favours on me.

Ram: Mother! What immeasurable love father had for me! How did I get to know this? Only because of the exile!

What a great soul is Bharat! How impartial is he! Wasn’t the exile instrumental in proving so many things…

Hanuman’s pure devotion, Sugreev’s sincere friendship, Laxman’s incomparable brotherly love & Sita’s greatness

The exile also led me to realize the full extent of my strength during the war with Ravan.

At a young age I received the priceless opportunity for service to saints and gurus!

Such was Lord Ram! During his entire life he never blamed mother Kaikeyi. Instead, he was grateful to her

Whole Ayodhya awaited Lord Ram's return.Diyas and lights were lit throughout the city to mark the occasion as Diwali.