Lord Rushabhdev's Akram Gnan

Lord Rushabhdev had one hundred sons. He granted diksha (initiation into monk hood) which led to moksha for ninety-nine of his sons.

He placed the responsibility of running the empire on his eldest son Bharat. Emperor Bharat became tired of fighting battles and his life in the palace with his thirteen hundred queens.

So he approached Lord Rushabhdev and asked for diksha and moksha.

The Lord said to him, “Who will take care of the empire if you too leave the empire? Therefore, you will have to take care of it, but I will grant you ‘Akram Gnan’, whereby you will not lose your moksha even if you fight battles or rule the empire with your thirteen hundred queens.”

The Lord bestowed upon him an astonishing Gnan (knowledge). That is Akram Gnan.

The scriptures have mentioned two paths to attain moksh (ultimate liberation). The Kramic path is a step-by-step path. While the Akram path is the lift (elevator) path. Through the Akram Gnan, it is possible to get permanent happiness very easily and simply.