The Importance of Diwali

Do you know why we celebrate Diwali? Lord Mahavir attained moksh (ultimate liberation) on this very day. When any living being attains moksh , there is divine celestial revelation; and the gods play special musical instruments and that’s how people find out about it. Lord Mahavir was, after all, a ‘Tirthankar Bhagwan! And the gods and goddesses danced with joy and jubilation on the pronouncement of his liberation. They showered flowers and lit lamps in celebration of the Lord’s Nirvana (ultimate liberation from the cycle of birth and death).

The message of Lord Mahavir’s liberation deeply shocked his prime disciple Gautam Swami. At that time amidst the mental storm of thoughts, he experienced and understood the Lord’s detachment and he himself achieved kevalgnan (absolute knowledge) at that very moment.

So come let’s remember these great events this Diwali and pray that we also attain absolute knowledge and liberation.

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