Story of Simandhar Swami

Story of Simandhar Swami. Here is a wonderful story of Lord Simandhar Swami who is presently living in the body form like us in Mahavideh Kshetra. Learn about the extraordinary features of a Tirthankar Lord and let’s pray to be at the lotus feet of the Lord in our next birth.

In her fourteen dreams, Queen Satyaki saw the following things: 1. A thundering lion. 2. An elephant mad with intoxication. 3. A white ox with high shoulders. 4. Laxmi, the goddess of wealth, seated on the lotus throne. 5. Two fragrant garlands. 6. Moon in the assembly of stars. 7. Rising sun. 8. Ocean

9. A large flag flying on a golden stick. 10. A maginificent holy urn filled to the brim with clean water. 11. A lake filled with fragrant lotuses. 12. A chariot of gods illuminated with gems. 13. A big heap of gems and precious stones. 14. A smokeless fire, which emitted a radiant glow.

All these dreams indicated that the son to-be-born would be a Tirthankar. After the birth of Lord Simandhar Swami, the whole kingdom of Pundarikgiri became prosperous, worry-free, peaceful and healthy. The feelings of hatred and deceit vanished from everyone's heart and they all became friends.

As the clock struck midnight on Chaitra Vadi Tenth in the kingdom of Pundarikgiri in Mahavideh Kshetra, a beautiful baby boy with a golden glow and the mark of a Taurus on his body was born to King Shreyans and Queen Satyaki Devi. His parents lovingly named this child as "Simandhar".

In the current era, His birth was before the reign of the following two of the twenty-four Tirthankars of this world: the seventeenth Tirthankara Shri Kunthunath and the eighteenth Tirthankara Shri Arahanath.

The event was celebrated with great zeal and jubilation among the celestial Gods and Goddesses also.He was a divine soul born with three kinds of knowledge-Mati gnan(intellect), Shrut gnan (listening), and Avadhi gnan (knowing past and future). This was the festival of His Janma Kalyanak Mahotsava.

The celestial beings had prepared a huge plane with large wings for the deities and Lord Indra Dev to welcome the baby. And it was decorated with sparkling gems. They reached the palace of King Shreyans to celebrate this divine birth.They bestowed the baby with lots of precious gifts and crown gems.

The celestial beings took the baby to mount Meru, the tallest mountain located in the center of the Universe. They all celebrated to mark the auspicious ceremony. Indra Dev took the baby on his lap while the other deities bathed Him with pure milk, adorned Him with jewels and showered fragrant flowers.

After the spectacular prakshal,the Gods and Goddesses took baby Simandhar back to the palace and gently placed Him next to the Queen.As He grew, His every need was taken care of by the Gods.He was a lovely baby with soft skin,innocent eyes and dark curly hair.He was so pure that His blood was white in color.

Little Swami was very strong and active. No matter how much He played, but He would not get tired. His body emitted a sweet smelling fragrance. He was surrounded by celestial Gods who would disguise themselves as children to play with Him and ensure that He was not influenced by negative company.

When it was time for Simandhar Swami to study, the celestial Gods transformed themselves into teachers to teach Him. He was born with special knowledge but He loved to study. Because of His pure chit, He was able to complete His education within a short time, as He was able to remember everything very easily.

As He grew older, He became more attractive. His arms became stronger and He grew taller. There was Lavanya (beauty) on His face .Simandhar Swami grew to a height of 500 dhanushya (bows), which is over 3000 feet and his nose alone measured nearly 100 feet.

When Simandhar Swami was of age, his parents married Him to Princess Rukshmani Devi.

When Swami was old enough, the celestial beings requested Him to renounce His worldly life and take up diksha.For the entire year after that,He donated freely from the treasury. This act of giving is called varshidaan. Finally, on the third day of Fagan month, the Lord renounced all worldly pleasures.

At the time of his renouncement,He attained Manaparyay Gnan (ability to read everyone’s minds). This was the time when Lord Rama’s father King Dashratha was the reigning king. This was also the time between the existence of the 20th Tirthankara, Munisuvrat Swami and the 21st Tirthankara, Shri Neminath.

He spent thousands of years as a sadhu while his anger-pride-lust-greed were exhausted. And He became the Omniscient One and attained Keval Gnan - full enlightenment. This happened on the Chaitra Sudi Teras (thirteenth day before the full moon of the Chaitra month).

The moment Simandhar Swami attained Keval Gnan, the celestial beings once again began to dance, sing and play musical instruments while showering Swami with flowers and sandalwood powder. From now onwards, the mere darshan of Simandhar Swami would ensure that people attained the path of liberation.

After Keval Gnan, every moment of the Lord's life is spent for the welfare of others. And the presence of the Living Lord creates an environment of peace around him. Within a twelve-mile radius, everyone is healthy and happy.

His divine influence is such that even the trees bend down to provide Him with shade when He walks past them. The bustling breeze becomes crisp and cool and the seasons adjust to His comforts. The thorns turn upside down when He walks on them on the road and the dust settles down.

The news of Lord's Keval Gnan (Absolute Knowledge) spread around like wild fire and all the Gods and Goddesses began to prepare for the Lord's deshana (divine discourse). A special stage is created by the Gods for this extraordinary event. This arrangement is known as the 'Samovasaran'.

In the Samovasaran, the Gods created the following three levels under the Lord’s throne. First level (silver) – For the horses and the vehicles. Second level (gold) – For the animals and birds. Third level (precious gems) – For the ascetics, gandhars, Emperors, celestial Gods and ordinary humans.

A decorated ornate throne is set up right in the middle facing eastwards. The Lord sits here to give deshna. The celestial Gods also create a reflection of Bhagwan facing the other three directions so that anyone can see Bhagwan no matter from which direction they are looking at him.

Lord’s influence is such that everyone forgets his innate nature.Animals like elephants, lions,deer etc sit together on the second level to listen to the discourse without any feelings of fear or violence.Lord’s speech is such that everyone understands it in his own language.It can be heard as far as 12 mile.

Simandhar Swami became a Tirthankar as for many past lives He constantly desired nothing but the salvation of people. His deepest inner intent was that, May all the people realize their souls and attain Moksha (liberation). All those who have a similar intent can become Tirthankars.

Simandhar Swami Bhagwan resides in Mahavideh Kshetra even today and will attain final liberation after completing his lifespan of eight million four hundred thousand years, on Shravan Sudi Trij (on the third day before the full moon of the Shravan month).

At that time, the ninth Tirthankar of the next 24th chovisi, Shri Pedhaada Swami will be walking on our earth and the eight Tirthankar Shri Udayaswami will have just attained nirvana.

Just a mere glimpse (darshan) of the enlightened Lord will enable one to attain Moksha. Therefore, our prime goal of this life should be to attain the Gnan (spiritual understanding) through the grace of a living and present Gnani (the fully Enlightened One). Dada Bhagwan has created our link with the Swami.

We should sincerely pray daily to Simandhar Swami through the medium of Dada Bhagwan- Keeping Shree Dada Bhagwan as my witness, I bow to Lord Simandhar Swami who is present in Mahavideh Kshetra. Oh Lord, may my next birth be at your feet and in your shelter.Make me just like you and please take me to Moksha.

Our salutations will reach Lord Simandhar Swami and He will always help us. So, don't just remember Him during the time of your exams, but make it a habit of praying to Him first thing every morning!