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Wouldn't you like a safe, comfortable, happy and environment with opportunities to explore? Gnan Mandir is such a place organized for children to strengthen values and grow in an atmosphere where they get scientific solutions and their child like curiosity meets an end.

Dadashri's Vision has today become a glowing and growing reality through Niruma's endeavour.- A vibrant Gnan Mandir.

Gnan Mandir Gurukul, within campus of Simandhar city was founded in 2001 after the Gujarat earthquake. Gnan Mandir lodges and boards boys of age 12 years onwards.

Our Objectives


Dadashri's vision is the guide of our activities that dictates all our actions and effectively implements the process of continous learning.

In the year 2008-2009, gnan mandir had around 40 kids of varied age group, and the activities were revolving round the overall development of kids for all ages. Following are the topics on which gnan mandir concentrated for the achievement of the target.

Student Development

  • Study together
  • Learning through various activities
  • Educational trips
  • Include reading newspapers, various magazines and books by specific authors

Spiritual Development

  • Autobiographies, stories, satsangs, drama and experiences, "through drashyashravya"
  • The right understanding on how to live your life

Social Development

  • Visiting historical monuments
  • Making diwali cards and selling them
  • Meeting the elderly from Nirant, having fun entertaining and feeding them

Personality/Individuality Development

  • Workshops from experienced graduates on various topics of the world, teamwork and scientific talks
  • Personal/individual counselling

Special Talents

  • Cooking
  • Decoration
  • Drawing
  • Cutting skills

Physical Development

  • Nutritious food
  • Yoga
  • Various games



Residential Facilities :

The residential facilities offered at Gnan Mandir are comfortable. Accomodation is provided in spacious rooms with independent and adequate storage. Children reside in groups of five. They are encouraged to develop a sense of pride for their living area and responsibility for the upkeep of their belongings.

Educational :

Gnan Mandir believes in a policy of self-discipline. Positive reinforcement helps to raise the self awareness of the child of his own rights and the corresponding responsibilities.

Activity based learning is integrated in the schedule to home their talents and broaden their horizons.

Unodari :

A modern dining facility comprising of a well equipped spacious kitchen and storage area. Experienced caterers are responsible for the facility.

Tasty,nutritious, wholesome and pure vegetarian food is served to the children. Menus are drawn up to ensure that the children enjoy their food.

Medical Facilities :

Gnan Mandir has an in-campus hospital - Amba Health Centre which has residential doctors from various branches. Also, a tie-up with various hospitals has been made for specialised needs.

Celebrations and cultural events


The feeeling of goodwill and amity is kept alive with the celebrations of major festivals at the Gnan Mandir family.

Cultural events are usually conducted during festivals and holidays to let children exhibit their flair in the area of their interest.

Seva Program


The main highlight of this socio-cultural program is the special thrust placed upon developing the skills of a child in all spheres of life, in real world situations. The SEVA program has proved to be very sucessful in building self-confidence and self-esteem among the children. It helps the children to rid themselves of the fear to face the public and develop multiple intelligences.

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