A Lesson Learnt in the Basement

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Toral. It was her 12th birthday and her mom gave her a green dress as a present. But Toral didn't want a dress, she wanted a video game instead. She didn't like the colour  and thought it didn't match anything. "Who would like such a dress that even five year olds would wear," complained Toral, being all negative about it.

Her mom tried to calm her down. "Toral, it's not what you think. Having a video game doesn't define your worth. It's not the reason why others don't want to be your friends," her mom explained.

Toral grumbled, "I'm sure it is! Everyone else has a video game, and our TV is so small. We don't even have cable or a DVD player. Living in this house is so boring!"

Ignoring her complaints, Toral's mom changed the subject. "Tonight, Kirti uncle, Ashok uncle, Neeta aunty, and their children are coming over for dinner. You can play with their kids," her mom suggested.

"But what can we play in this house?" Toral complained again. When the guests arrived, Toral showed Aakash, Aarti, Jalpa, and Keyur her room.

Aakash asked, "What games do you have, Toral?" Toral thought he was asking about a video game. Reluctantly, she brought out snakes and ladders.  Even though she didn't enjoy playing it, everyone else had a blast. Aarti asked if they could go down to the basement to play next.

Toral replied, "No, there's nothing to play with in the basement." But the children ignored her and raced downstairs.

In one corner of the basement, they found empty cartons, utensils, ropes, and old newspapers. They came up with a new game using these things - a memory game. Keyur would study the objects, then close his eyes while Jalpa took one away. Keyur had to guess the missing object. They took turns and had so much fun.

For their next game, they used a plate and a rolling pin. They played a game called, ‘Fire on the mountain, run, run, and run’. Toral watched in amazement as they enjoyed themselves without a video game. They played with simple things that Toral considered worthless.

Toral had a big realisation. Instead of always being negative and complaining, she learned from her cousins to find the positive in any situation. She realised that she had many other games and story books at home that she never appreciated. 

Toral discovered that true happiness comes from being grateful for what we have and finding joy in the simple things in life. Toral felt sorry for her behaviour earlier that day and immediately went to apologise to her mom.

So, my young friends, remember to stay positive and appreciate the good in every circumstance. Don't let negativity cloud your happiness.