New Beginnings

Have you ever felt excitement, fear, and happiness simultaneously? I have. And that day, I had a very special reason to feel all these emotions together.  Mom and Dad announced that we would be moving to our new home on Ganesh Chaturthi. I’ll get my own room, all to myself. What more could I ask for? Except, this exciting event will clash with my exams – which are just a week after Ganesh Chaturthi. How would I be able to enjoy the celebration with the fear of exams hovering?

The day turned out to be as I had expected, stressful. As the guests were having fun and food, I sat quietly worrying about my upcoming exams. Just then, like a magnet, the idol of Lord Ganesha in the centre of our new living room drew me towards His mystical embrace.

I found my elder cousin Abhishek Bhaiya looking at Lord Ganesh with his hands folded.

“What would you ask him, if He actually appeared?” Bhaiya asked me. 

“My exams are coming up and I am really scared. I would pray to Him that my exams go well,” I replied, secretly hoping that my prayer reaches Lord Ganesha.

“That’s a waste of a prayer!” Bhaiya smirked. 

“What do you mean?” I was slightly agitated.

“It is as if you are applying for an engineering degree at a medical college. How will they even process your application?” Bhaiya was talking in a language that only he could understand.

He elaborated, “Ganesha is the Lord of ‘intellect’. Sometimes people face only a few difficulties in a month, but live in constant fear due to wrong ‘intellect’.” 

Bhaiya saw my confusion and said “Lord Ganesha would give you some kind of understanding that can make your fear vanish”. 

I wanted to know more.

“You should pray to be free of any unnecessary fear, then you’d naturally be able to study well and fare well in your exams.” Bhaiya explained.

“Lord Ganesha represents wisdom. Lord Ganesha can solve all the world’s problems with his positive intellect. That is why we always place him first when we venture on new beginnings.” Bhaiya explained.

“Ah! That is why we worshipped him today before beginning our life in a new home,” I was glad to understand the reason.  

"Exactly,” Bhaiya smiled. 

I smiled back, ready for my ‘New Beginnings.’


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