Ping Pong Champion Part-1


Panzee – Chimpanzee

Rang-Tang – Oorang-Utang

Uncle Gaju – Elephant

Lets read this jungle story in two parts of panzee and rang tang…

And the winner of the game is “Panzee, the Chimpanzee!”

There was a murmur in the stadium before the loud applause. It was a tough game and Panzee had played it well. But, the animals were quite stunned to hear the name of the winner of ‘The National Jungle Tournament of this year’. He had won, one game after the other. His name was almost unheard of.

He became the subject of curiosity for everyone. Who is he and how is he able to win so many games?

It was the last day of the tournament. Panzee was scheduled to play against Rang-Tang in the Ping-pong game. Before the game, Panzee went and shook Rang-Tang’s hands to wish him luck.

Rang-Tang was extremely nervous though he didn’t have any reason to be. He knew all the strategies of the Ping-Pong game inside out and it was very easy for him to defeat Panzee. But, instead of focusing on the game and his strategies, he was focused more on comparing himself with Panzee. His thoughts before the game were, “I have to be better than Panzee in this game. I can’t let him win my game.”

While Panzee enjoyed playing the game, Rang-Tang was constantly focused on being better than Panzee. The game became quite thrilling for the audience in the final half hour. It was now hard to determine who the winner would be. 

Panzee played a winning shot in the final few moments and emerged out a winner. Just like he did after winning every game, Panzee went and noted something in his diary - with the initials AJ on the cover page.

Rang-Tang was extremely disheartened after the defeat. He stooped so low in his feelings of jealousy that he felt like stealing away everything that Panzee had.

“Panzee didn’t deserve to win this game. I did. How could he!” Rang-Tang was fuming. And in his rage, he decided to steal Panzee’s diary. “It surely has all the tricks he has been using to become the winner,” he thought.  

That night, when all was quiet, Rang-Tang sneaked into Panzee’s cabin and stole the diary. Just when he was about to escape, he found Panzee standing right in front of him with his hands folded.

Before Rang-Tang could say anything or try to escape, Panzee said, “I am quite glad that you found this diary. My path to victory is in there and I wish you find it, too.”

“What do you mean?” Rang Tang opened the diary and started turning the pages. He was quite surprised to see what he saw.

“What is this? Is this your path to victory?” Rang-Tang exclaimed.

What do you think Rang-Tang found in Panzee’s diary? Read on AJ Part-2 to find the answer.

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