Ping Pong Champion Part-2

Well, you read that Rang Tang had stolen Panzee's diary, and guess what he read inside the pages of his diary….. did Rang Tang get inspired?? Let's read along part -2…

Each page in Panzee’s diary had a few points such as,

“I appreciate Gizmo’s hard work.”

“I appreciate how Molly is always on time.”

“I appreciate how Teddy gets along well with everyone.”

Rang-Tang was utterly confused glancing through the diary. He couldn’t understand what path to victory was hidden in those pages.  

“Can we sit and talk? looking at his wondering expressions, Panzee calmly said, I can explain and I promise you that it will help,” Panzee asked calmly. Rang-Tang was still feeling a little ashamed of being caught red-handed.

Panzee began talking, “Last year, I was quite disheartened at my performance in this tournament.”

Rang-Tang immediately interrupted, “Last year??”

Panzee smiled. "Yes, you might be surprised to know that I participated in the tournament last year as well and lost every game. I constantly compared myself with others and blamed my defeat on various reasons, such as the winners having better teachers, equipment, and facilities than me. Only if I had those! I couldn’t concentrate on my game because of the comparison. I used to stay disturbed all the time. Why does everyone have to be so much better than me?' In my distress, I went to Zutsu mountain to find some peace.”

“Oh, that place of worship?” Rang-Tang asked.

“Yes, that one,” Panzee said, “When I reached there, a group was singing some hymns. I sat there and immediately felt very peaceful. And after some time,  I joined group singing… Just then, Uncle Gaju came to me and asked me if I would like to sing too. He gave me a paper on hymns and I joined the group. When the prayer meeting was over, Uncle Gaju came to me and sat beside me. Don’t know how, but he knew that something was troubling me.”

“What is wrong with you, are you ok?” he asked me. 

He had such warmth in his words that I poured my heart out. He listened calmly. When I was done talking, he waited for a few moments and then said, 'You know, why you felt so peaceful singing the hymns just now?'

“No,” I said

“Because in those hymns you praise the Lord. We never compare ourselves to the Lord. But sing about His good qualities because one day we want to imbibe those qualities too. When we praise the Lord, we feel peaceful. But when we compare ourselves to others, we feel jealous. We burn. So then, if our goal is to become as good as others, why not always praise the good in them and feel peaceful?!”

Those were Uncle Gaju’s simple words that made a big impact on my life. I made an Appreciation Journal and initialed it – AJ. Every day I would note all the good qualities of others that inspired me. Today, after our game as well, I noted all those points that I liked in your play.”

“That’s it?! Just appreciating others, helped you become a winner?!” Rang-Tang was quite surprised.

“No, it helped me become happier and more peaceful. And that is my victory. Winning is just a consequence of being able to enjoy my game. I haven’t won all the games in this tournament. But, the ones I have lost have also taught me,” Panzee replied.

Rang-Tang didn’t know what to say. It all sounded too good to be true.

Panzee continued, “Rang-Tang, when I learned to stop comparing myself with others, and instead started seeing the good in all and appreciating them, it helped me not just in my games but in every walk of my life. Will you please try it out too?”  you can try too…

Rang-Tang , “I will. I cannot wait to see how it works for me.”

“And I cannot wait to see you a winner next year, with AJ in your hands,” Panzee warmly shook Rang-Tang’s hands.


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