The Magical Mistake

Far away in the woods, there lived a mud pot in an old hut. He would often look outside the window and wonder, “What would the view look like beyond the pine trees? How would the world outside be? Being a pot, I have no legs and all I do is sit here, see the same view and serve my mistress.”

One evening, when his mistress returned home, the pot thought, "How happy she looks! She must have seen the valleys and the mountains which I have only heard about! Oh! Wow! I wish, I could roam like her and see the world! “How unlucky I am to be a pot, whilst my mistress has fun!”

The pot’s mistress was a witch. After a long day in the heat, she came to the pot to drink its cold water and became very happy. She granted the pot a wish. The pot asked, "Oh Mistress! Can you grant me legs, so I may roam the world."

The witch thought about it for a moment, as granting the wish would mean losing the pot. But she had to keep her promise so off she went with her tricks! 'Abracaabdrazoobie doobie do…here come the two legs for you!' The wand touched the pot’s eyes.

"Why can't I see anything?" cried the pot. Lo and behold, with the arrival of legs, the eyes were gone! "Oh no, now I won't be able to enjoy the little that I previously could! If only I was happy with what I had! I could at least enjoy the beautiful view from my window," mourned the poor pot.

Nonetheless, there was one important change in the pot. "I didn’t value my eyes and instead wanted legs. I don't want to repeat my mistake. Let me now realize the worth of all that I have - my ears, my mind, my mistress whom I serve and a place to live," he thought.

From that moment, the pot started counting his blessings and felt immense joy. With his ears, he would listen to the birds chirping outside and with his mind he imagined he could fly like the broom and visit places.

A few days later, dancing with joy, the witch entered the kitchen and said to the pot, "I found a cure from the book of magic tricks. You will now get your eyes back and will also have the power to roam the world. But the pot said, “no no! I am happy with what I have got.”

Vroom vroom went her lips, with the wand properly directed this time, the witch chanted "Let the magic mistake find it’s cure well, may the pot have eyes and legs after this spell!" The pot was now able to see and walk. He smiled as he could see the beautiful world again through his eyes.

When the witch asked him to sit on the broom, the pot couldn’t believe his eyes! Yes, the new ones that he had got!! The witch and the pot flew out on the broom to see the world zoom zoom zoom… finally the pot saw his imagination coming true…