Charity for happiness!

Jai Satchitanand friends!

Have you ever felt happy while donating? Is donation all about just giving money or things in the name of charity? Well, it's something beyond that. So come on, let us explore how we can derive happiness through charity.

Do you know what is charity?

According to Dadashri, "Charity means giving happiness to other living beings, whether human or any other life form."

Are you aware that there are different types of charities possible? 

Dadashri says there are four main categories of charity:


1. Charity of Food (Anna daan): If a stranger comes to your home and says, "Please give me something to eat, I am hungry," then we would say, "Sit down here. I shall give you something to eat."  That is donation of food.

2. Charity of Medicine (Aushadh daan): It is considered to be superior to donation of food. You can pay for or buy the medicine yourself for a person who is sick and is not capable of paying his hospital bills.

3. Charity of Knowledge (Gnan daan): Even more superior is the donation of knowledge. This includes printing of good books which gives people an understanding that steers them onto the right path leading to their spiritual progress. One who gives this kind of donation can attain a better life form or even salvation.

4. Charity of Assurance of safety (Abhay daan): This kind of donation entails having the intent not to hurt any living being even to the slightest degree, and eventually embodying this principle in one's actions too. This does not require money and needs only purity of intent. Thus, the Lord has said this is the most superior form of donation.
Therefore, friends let us pray every morning for five times with the deep intent that. 'May no living being be hurt by my mind, speech and body even to the slightest degree.'

How do we get happiness through charity?

Param Pujya Dadashri says, "Happiness begins from the moment you do something for others. When we give happiness to others we are bound to get happiness in reaction."  It's a law of nature.


This world is in the form of echo. There will be echoes of whatever you do and it will return to you with interest. Therefore if you give, you will receive.
So friends, next time when you donate something to someone don't forget to donate it with the intent of giving happiness. If you'll donate it with the intent of giving happiness, you too will receive happiness!

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