After your parents and your siblings, who's dearest to you?
Of course your friends!! Friends mean the world to us, isn't it? Because they are not only our partners in crime at school but also our strongest support in our every hour of need.

Who is a True Friend?

A true friend is someone whom we cannot do without. They are the 'family' we choose for ourselves. Getting a good friend is our luck but sustaining our friendship is an art which should be mastered. Friendship sustains on the premise of true love. True love means the love that is unconditional and without expectations.

What do you think will happen in each of these cases?


Do you think the friendship can survive?

The answer is a big NO.

It can only survive if-
• We don't do to others what we don't like for ourselves
• We learn to ignore some petty things and 'let go'
• We focus on the brighter side of our friend and disregard any flaws within him
• There are no pre-conditions attached to our friendship.

History is also full of examples of great friendships like that of Krishna and Sudama, Duryodhan and Karna etc. Don't you also remember the friendship among your favorite cartoon characters like Timon and Pumba (they overlooked each other's bad habits and accepted each other as they were), Marlin and Dory from the movie 'Finding Nemo' (they would always be there in all situations to help one another), Mickey Mouse and Pluto (their friendship didn't change even in difficult times) etc.

There is no magic formula for such great friendships but it's important to take the first step -

Pujya Dadashri says that, 'It doesn't matter even if you do not know anything in this worldly life, but you should definitely know how to take adjustments. Adjustment with each and every person should be the ultimate goal of our lives.'

Always remember, even if you clear all your school examinations with top grades but you will pass the 'Test of Friendship' only if you can adjust with all your friends even if they misadjust with you.

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