Jai Satchitanand Friends!

When is it that we have not experienced the fire of Jealousy in us? It is something that is commonly felt among people. When another person gets more than us, we immediately feel jealous, even if the other person is our own brother, sister or best friend.

So friends, we recognize that jealousy is not a virtue but a vice. When jealousy increases we can even go to the extent of humiliating the other person. We lose our common sense and the ability to distinguish between right and wrong.

But how does this jealousy arise?

Dadashri says jealousy arises because one cannot bear to see the progress of others. When we compare ourselves to others who are better than us we become restless and lose our peace of mind. When this restlessness increases it leads to jealousy.


Jealousy is a result of comparison. Let's see what harm it can cause us:

• Instead of focusing on the work you get focused on the other person. So your concentration power breaks down.
Competition will arise. You will not tolerate the other person getting ahead of you.
• Gradually dislike arises and one starts to have negative feelings for the other person.
•  Our positive energies decline.
Because of all these negativities we will never wish good for the other person.
Dadashri says the world is like an echo - what we wish for the other person is what we will end up receiving. So by jealousy not only are we causing harm to others but we are causing tremendous harm to ourselves.

How are we going to prevent jealousy?

In order to overcome jealousy Dadashri has given some keys like:
• Pray to God saying, "He Bhagwan, may everyone get lot of strength. May everyone strive hard and attain success."
• Do pratikraman for negative feelings saying, "Oh Dada Bhagwan, please forgive me for seeing negative in others and please give me the strength to see only positive in others."
• Make a firm decision to see only positive in others.
• If a person is jealous of us then we need to pray God saying, "Oh Lord! I am the cause of jealousy, please give me the strength not to react to the feelings of jealousy but give me the strength to remain in equanimity."


So friends, we know that giving happiness to others will be the cause for our own happiness too. Then why not apply dada's keys when we feel jealous and repent for our mistake. This will surely bring peace in all our lives.

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