Power of Positivity

In our lives we have both positive and negative experiences. If we think about it some more, we tend to go towards negativity more than positivity. For example, when we are studying for exams, the first thought is usually "Will I be able to remember all that I study?" rather than "I can do this" or "I'm sure I will attain my goal".

In either situation, we are the only ones aware of our internal state. Have you noticed that when you are being positive, you experience a lot of happiness and when you are negative, you will generally feel miserable? 

Dadaji has said, "We should always see everything positively.  Our efforts should always be positive. If you think negatively about anything or anyone, immediately set positive thinking internally to overcome that negativity."


Disadvantages of being negative:
1. It wastes a lot of time.
2. It causes confusion and misunderstanding.
3. It stops us from being happy.
4. A negative attitude can make you feel lonely.

Benefits of being positive are:
1. Positive thinking boosts our confidence.
2. It gives us peace of mind.
3. It strengthens our relations with people.
4. It helps to break our obstacles for achieving anything.
5. It enhances our physical health as well!

Dadaji says that all strengths already lie within us. So if one says, "I will not be able to do this," then it will be so. When you say, "I am not feeling well," you will feel worse. Make use of the positive strength and say, "I feel great" or "My health is good" when you are feeling sick and you will automatically feel well. 

By speaking negatively about a good thing, it will get ruined. By speaking positively about a bad thing, it will improve. This is the power of positivity. 

Let us decide to always look at things positively and remove all negatives from our vocabulary.  


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