Happiness or Unhappiness?

Friends, it is human nature to look for happiness. We all like happiness, don’t we? The source of happiness for all of us is different. Some obtain happiness in watching movies, eating good food, wearing good clothes, playing with friends and so on. Everyone attempts to obtain happiness in any way they can. That is not wrong, but in attempting to obtain happiness, we end up hurting others, knowingly or unknowingly. In pursuit of happiness, we occasionally do things that bring unhappiness to the people around us. Let us have a look at ways in which we give unhappiness and the what the consequences are....

However, there are moments when no matter how much we try we still end up hurting others. There is a simple way out to it…

Ask for Forgiveness from the God within the person who has been hurt-

‘Dear God within, please forgive me as I have hurt you and give me the strength not to hurt anyone again.’

Do you know friends there are other ways in which we get happiness without hurting others. Here we give happiness to others! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to play with all the friends, share our toys, listen to our parents, and respect our teachers? In making others happy, we first and foremost get happiness in return. When others are happy, we will be able to study properly, parents and friends will love us and we will get blessings from God. 

Now which happiness will you chose? Give unhappiness to get happiness or give happiness to get happiness?


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