Common Sense

Friends I am sure we all have heard the term common sense. However, do you know what it means? According to Dadashri, Common sense is a kind of key that is always applicable everywhere, it can open any rusted lock (any kind of difficulty can come to an end).

Traits of people having common sense

 1. They have the ability to adjust with others. Even If someone were to scold him he will adjust accordingly and say, ‘please come, sit down, its fine.’

 2. They do not have disputes with anyone. They do not quarrel with the ones they live with.

 3. A difference of opinion is usually due to lack of some sense (understanding).  Thus people with common sense do not have difference of opinion with anyone. 

4. When they are insulted, the face does not go down.

5. The ones with common sense can bring about many kinds of solutions; they can remove all worldly complications. 

6. People with common sense will immediately set things right, where things are going wrong. It does not take them time at all. 

How can we increase common sense?

1. Common sense increases when one lives harmoniously with everyone. By mixing well with everyone. By being approachable. 

2. Straightforwardness increases common sense a lot- One can easily be conned by being straight forward, but when you are being conned, your common sense blossoms and you get the understanding that one can get conned in these circumstances, hence your common sense increases.

3. By adjusting with others. 

4. By being respectful to everyone including   animals.  

 5. We should not clash with anyone. If someone   tries to clash with us and we decide not to clash   with them, the common sense arises. 

 6. The strength of the soul is such that it shows   us how to deal with a conflict. Once we   understand this that knowledge will never leave   us. This is how common sense develops.


So friends, let us all develop such a common sense in us too and live harmoniously with people!


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