Humility (Vinay)

Friends, we have all heard the saying, “Everyone likes a person who is humble (namra)”.What happens to a tree branch when it gets fruit on it? Does it stay upright or does it bend? 

For example, when a tree gets mangoes, the branches start to bend. Similarly, as we grow older, we develop the quality of humility.

What is Humility (Vinay)?

• Humility is when you speak politely with your elders; you interact well with them and do not answer back rudely.
• Humility is keeping one’s ego down in front of any person, junior or senior; feelings such as “I am something” or “I know better than another person” do not exist.


Why should we be humble?

So the question arises, why should I be humble? Let’s look at the benefits of being humble-

1) We get blessings of the person towards whom we show humility
2) Life becomes happier when you are humble
3) A humble person becomes the apple of everyone’s eye and he feels oneness with all.
4) A person who is humble will not be react to insults or harm. The person remains calm and cultured.
5) The more humble you are the more higher you will progress on the spiritual path.

You know, we have one unique example that applies to our Pujyashree. Let us understand what it truly means to be humble-

When Pujyashree used to do his consulting work, a machine broke down and the boss or the chief engineer came and asked him questions, Pujyashree would answer politely. Not only that, he felt that the underhand or worker spends so much time with the machine that they have more knowledge about it than he does. So, to repair the machine he considers the worker as his guru and he becomes the apprentice. Pujyashree says that if we see positive then we will be humble and our words will have a positive effect on the other person.

How to develop the quality of being humble (Vinay)?

• If someone is straightforward, humble & down to earth then we should appreciate these qualities in other, this we will too acquire those qualities.

• Humility (Vinay) arises by observing people with Vinay. Observe Gnani’s humility to become like Him.


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